About Us

What is Tanwood Youth Theatre...

TYT is a Youth Musical Theatre Company based in Wiltshire.
We specialize in offering young people the opportunity to experience professional theatre.
Ideal as a stepping stone for those hoping for a career in Theatre .
Cast and crew members from 9 to 21 years of age are encouraged to develop their rehearsal and performance skills through the presentation of major musical and showcase performances and workshop programmes that lead to recognized qualifications.
We stage 2 productions each year. 
A major musical production ,a showcase/review and /or a Xmas Musical.
 We hire in professional scenery and costumes and accompany the shows with a full scale professional orchestra.
All the production team have extensive experience in the West End and Worldwide. 

Experience   Enrich   Entertain   Excel

An EXPERIENCE that will affect and change an individual

To ENRICH lives by pushing the boundaries of abilities & aspirations

To ENTERTAIN audiences in a variety of styles of performances

To EXCEL by producing a high standard of artistic work
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